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    Training Development
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    Growing with the company

    Dayang Biotech adheres to the talent concept of  Stressing on talent and loveing worthy persons, Having both ability and political integrity"

    Training principle

    Dayang Biotech's training is based on the position system and employee performance management system. The Group's Human Resources Department is responsible for the tiered implementation of the company's corporate culture, professional knowledge, job skills and comprehensive quality training. 

    Training course system

    The company provides a variety of training courses for employees to help their employees grow and progress.

    For employees with management responsibilities, the company provides EMBA courses, financial training, audit project training, secretarial training, quality management courses, safety and environmental protection regulations training;

    For ordinary employees, provide training in vocational skills such as effective communication, effective problem solving, business knowledge, and business ability improvement;

    To help new employees integrate into the company as soon as possible, the company sets up a new employee training program; 

    Multi-channel career development

    Dayang Biotech has designed a career path for management, administration, engineering, trade marketing, etc., to create conditions for employees' career advancement.

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