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    Talent Vision
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    All present achievements of Dayang Biotech are relying on the spirit of diligence, integrity, practicality, enthusiasm and perseverance of employees. Talent is the company's most valuable asset. 

    The talents recognized by the company must be employees who are determined to be engaged in biotechnology, can meet the requirements of the company's business development, identify with the company's culture, are willing to grow with the company, and can create outstanding contributions. 

    We believe that everyone has the talent to display. The responsibility of the manager is to build a "racetrack" so that every employee who is willing to work hard can gain the respect and recognition of others. 

    Talent is a dynamic concept. Nowadays, the market is very competitive. Today is a talent. Tomorrow is not necessarily a talent. Employees should constantly surpass themselves, constantly improve their own quality, and actively adapt to the high demands of talents for rapid development.


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