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    It is national high-tech enterprise, national “contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprise”,
    Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise, and Zhejiang green enterprise.

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    2017, won "Hangzhou Statistical Integrity Unit 2015-2016" 
    2017, Zhejiang Province AAA-level "Contract-honoring and Credit- Reliable " Enterprise 
    2017, obtained the re-certification of "High-tech Enterprise" 
    2017, reviewed and passed the "Zhejiang Famous Brand Product Certificate (Dahua potassium carbonate)" 
    2017, obtained the Certificate of "Safety Production Standardization" 
    2016, obtained the Certification of "Intellectual Property Management System" 
    2016, obtained the Publicity Certificate of "Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable Enterprise 2014-2015" from General Administration for Industry and Commerce
    2016, Received Certificate of "Hangzhou Famous-Branded Product (Dahua Potassium Bicarbonate)" 
    2015, won the " Third Prize of Zhejiang Technology Invention Award" 
    2015, won the "Certificate of Hangzhou Famous Brand Product Dahua Ammonium Chloride" 
    2015, standing director unit of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association Fourth Council 
    2015, the "Integral Utilization of Sodium Methyl Sulfate Slag" won Hangzhou Workers "Five-Small Innovation Results in 2015" 
    2015, the "Quality Enhancement of By-Product Hydrochloric Acid" won Hangzhou Workers "Five-Small Innovation Results in 2015"

    2014, won National Torch Plan Industrialization Demonstration Project Certificate (anticoccidial drug Amprolium hydrochloride Clean Production Industrialization Project) 
    2014, won the " Second Prize of Hangzhou Science and Technology Progress" 
    2014, won the "Total Quality Management Knowledge Popularization Education Advanced Unit 2013" 
    2013, won the "AAA tax credit rating unit 201i-2012" 
    2013, won the "2012 annual city energy measurement and precision management work advanced units" 
    2013, won the "2011 annual Hangzhou Energy Measurement Demonstration Unit" 
    2011, won " 2010 annual city's advanced unit of energy measurement work " 
    2011, won the "demonstration model of top-100 party building private enterprise for fulfilling social responsibility" 
    2010, won the "Hangzhou advanced enterprise for creating a harmonious enterprise relationship" 
    2010, won the "Second prize of excellent new products and new technology of Hangzhopu city 2010 (ammonium chloride closed loop technology)"

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